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How do we work?

Today we live in a time when digital solutions are integrated in every part of our daily life, your customers can get the various offers with a few clicks of the mouse. Therefore, their choice is determined not only by the price and quality of the product, but also by the consumer experience and the path taken by the customer to his final decision, placing an order and payment. How to make a costumer become loyal to your brand, or even its ambassador. How do we achieve these results?


Creative director Ramunas Zilionis

Do not copy

The first basic rule is not to copy your competitors. We always examine competitors in detail before developing a product. What solutions do they use. The worst thing you can do is blindly copy their decision. This is not an action, but a starting point for thinking.

A pleasant and unpleasant truth

Don’t lie to yourself and clearly identify your weaknesses and strengths. The strategy is designed to turn all your weaknesses into strengths. Because the customer will look for your weaknesses, not your strengths, before he takes an action.

A key advantage for the customer

As a key argument, give the customer what is important to him, not you. While this sounds banal, it is common for business executives to emphasize the benefits of their business that are uninteresting to customers. The basic rule is that the customers are looking for a service or product just to solve their problems. Therefore, the main goal is to find and come up with a solution that helps to solve customers' problems in the most pleasant ways for them.

All measures are justified

The digital world is unique in that all possible formats can be used here: photos, videos, texts, 3D solutions, interactive animation, combining these tools together, we can purposefully and attractively convey your main advantages and uniqueness. We create a unique solution that not only communicates your values ​​to your customers in text format.

For example: If your product (service) saves the customer time. Then the ordering process must be as fast as possible.


Digital team


We create one or more customer paths from the first contact to the conversion. We break down the process into the smallest possible steps and work them to perfection. We recommend that you build on the global user experience that is already common and widely used on other platforms. This is why the user experience does not change when he visits your product.

For example: Booking a master services to your home are very similar to buying goods in an e-shop.


The brightest and most visible objects in the design must be the ones that need to be read and clicked on. Images cannot divert customer attention from content that leads to the conversion. The video format must also be an information carrier. Because in today’s environment, movement is most noticeable on the screen.

Interactions and animations

We live in a non-static world. The view moves outside the window, the view is visible on the phone screen. Costumers value the dynamic objects more than static, so even a simple order form must respond to user actions and behaviours.


For each solution, we choose the right and appropriate technologies for that solution. Our many years of experience allow us to anticipate potential problems for the future, so our ability to manage a variety of programming tools gives our client the opportunity to get what is best in the world solutions.

Quality standard

We set ourselves high quality standards, which allows us to devote more time to contingencies, to assess future risks to conduct testing, which takes the most time in the final phase of the project before go live.


Split and manage

A digital project is good in that, it can be improved at any time. And it needs to be done without stopping constantly. For this reason, the user path is broken down into the smallest, measurable steps possible. The conversion of each step makes up the overall efficiency of the project. By researching user behaviour (heatmap, scroll map) and improving each step, we improve the intended result. And it can be a never-ending process.

Why is it worth?

When it comes to special experiences for your customers, we apply this rule to ourselves as well. After choosing our company, you will receive from us an offer with a concept. Working together, we will go step by step to a satisfactory outcome, speaking in the language of argument. Let's try? Get in touch!