SEB arena app

Reservation and management system for courts and other services.

On all screens

The system has a single core that is accessible through all possible devices (computer, phone, tablet). Therefore, both a desktop environment and a mobile application were created. This allows user quickly access the necessary information in the most convenient way in every environment.

Buying and selling

The large number of courts and the management of reservations at different times were the main challenges of the solution. The new selected format allows user to see more information at once. User can not only buy, but also sell a court on particular time, see their existing reservations and manage them.

Search and filters

Quick search information can be accessed with the help of standard search fields. However, for advanced users, it is more convenient to set permanent filters that will allow user to see only relevant information. It can be a specific time, surface or sport.

Convenient payment methods

According to the needs of users, several payment methods can be chosen. A one-time payment is common for most, when the selected times are added to the cart and paid in the usual ways in e-commerce. However, it is also possible to purchase credits - an amount of money that can be used to order a court faster.

Data aggregation

The system uses customer data accumulated over many years and an internal system adapted to it, the structure of which had to be adapted when creating a new site reservation system. Therefore, some of the quick solutions are related to “force majeure".