Creative digital


Why do you need a strategy?

We prepare a strategy even when creating simple solutions, because it is a tool which shows as further direction later. Our suggested solutions will be based on this strategy in the future.

Behind digital

When a brand/product does not have strategy yet, we suggest to create a universal agreement, which can be used in non-digital area as well.

To say the truth

We always aim to have a basic agreement with customer – to name and state the truth on which we all agree. Truth may be nice or not, but we all need to rely on what we have agreed.

Choose a direction

Strategic marketing differs from usual one because all actions need to prove chosen direction. This is how we concentrate all time and resources and move towards the goal. This is why each brand needs to be identified where it is and what ambition it should represent.

We need to name the strengths and weaknesses openly.

We need to indicate in what environments it works. What are the customers? What is the best contact method with them?

Answers to those questions help us to create common strategy, gives an overview what campaign and whole communication should be.

Digital strategy

All digital services and products we base on the arguments of a common strategy. When creating digital concepts we name 3 factors:

It‘s true

It is basic truth on which the whole decision is based and which determines the customer choice.

For example: when ordering packages in e-environment customers want to see how it looks in reality. It means we look for a ways how to meet this need in virtual environment.


This is why customer may cancel the service/product. This is main risk that needs to be decreased as much as possible.

For example: Not known product may raise questions about its quality. We need to provide information in video about product and deny such doubts.


Every our service or product needs to be progressive, innovative and be competitive in the market. Naming its advantages will let us get higher added value.

Method of 4 digital factors balance

This method enables to create balanced digital product. Method helps to find balance between 4 core digital factors and to show the most effective way to develop solution further.

The 4 factors

100 %

Digital experience, computer skills and time spent in digital area of users who will use the product.

100 %

Content of the product is based on text - like telling, stories, recommendation, or visual - illustrations, photos, views or video.

100 %

Users’ engagement and loyalty. The formation of user groups and habits, the need of users to come back.

100 %

The need of new formats, content interactivity and animation.

Each factor is analysed and evaluated in 8 levels scale. The result is guidelines to well balanced, maximum optimal solution for users.

As the final Result we get:

Innovative solution

Classic product

Non-balanced, inappropriate solution

We always look for a well-balanced solution. And this analysis becomes the main argumentation in the whole product creation process.

Almost always our customer knows very well the strategy of the product, but we need to align our knowledge to create successful solution together. Therefore we work on strategic part of the project at the first step.