Parduodu naudota

EMP project "Things worth for ANOTHER life"

Platform for sales

It is an electronic shop for selling and reusing discarded (no longer usable) items. Old electronic devices, antiques are worth a second chance, so they are sold at a minimum price in the online store.

First view interactions

Since the project is aimed at returning users, the first window view is formed from real products that load in a random order every time page is refreshed. For adventurous buyers, it's a kind of roulette, where new offers and products appear every time website is reloaded.

Auction option

The most interesting and valuable items on the website are sold by auction methods. Every registered user can submit their price in the auction (increase the existing one). For the user who offers the highest price, the product is placed in the cart with the highest offered price. The product will be visible in the user's cart for a set period of time, during which the user can buy it, according to the price offered.

Adapted for mobile

The minimalistic design not only highlights the "not the first youth" items, but also works well on mobile phone, screen of various sizes and proportions.