E-shop for modular buildings for the Italian market

For the foreign market

The product was created taking more attention into consumers habits and needs of the Italian market. Not only a more detailed visual presentation, but also the possibility to carry out the entire acceptance process both digitally and with the help of a manager. Calculate the cost of product delivery in different regions of Italy.

Product delivery

Special attention is made to the delivery of the product. Here user can not only see many high-quality visualizations, but also detailed drawings, as well as get acquainted with all the product features, assembly instructions and warranty. Since the product has many additional accessories that can be chosen according to the needs, the website provides an easy selection of them and adding to the basket. If necessary, the product documentation can be downloaded in PDF format, which is relevant when obtaining a building permit.

Advance purchase

After selecting a product, the user is presented with a classic purchase process for electronic stores with flexible payment options. Since the price of the product is higher, the website offers the option to pay by transferring only an advance payment.

Integrated with CRM

All user and manager actions are transferred and further processed in the Odoo business management system. Inquiries, e-mail the mail form and the chat conversation become a "sales opportunity", so not a single contact with the customer is lost. Also, system managers immediately have the possibility to generate attractive stylized offers for the customer.