The Motor Insurers‘ Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania

Sensitive information

Realizing that users who come to the website to get information about traffic accidents are upset, so already on the first page links to all the basic information for different audiences are provided.

Different audiences

Insurance organizations and drivers are two very clear audiences for the site. Although the first one is more important, the number of users - drivers visiting the website is higher. It is for them that the main innovation of the system, the vehicle insurance check, is intended.

Insurance check

The main and most used service is the vehicle insurance check. This is relevant after a traffic accident - especially if it happened abroad. This system is connected to international databases. During the request, a large number of calculations are carried out, taking into account the differences in car registration and insurance of foreign countries, as well as taking into account the differences in summer or winter time.

Quick search by phone

The majority of drivers search for information not necessarily at their convenient time, under the influence of stress. Therefore, displaying information quickly and clearly on the phone screen is a clear priority. As well as providing instructions on how to proceed next to the search result.