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Interactive business premises presentation website

Animation that reveals the content

The main graphic element of the design is the cube, which forms the basis of the business premises in this project. Combined office-storage premises are presented on the website as building blocks, from which a solution that meets the customer's needs is made. Therefore, the site is dominated by the interactive cube motif everywhere.

Journey to contact

The website is a single page website. By scrolling down, the user receives all the main information about the project and what is offered with the help of animation.

Detailing of projects

To learn more about individual projects, dedicated pages have been created for them, which contain the most important information: location, advantages, which lead to a faster decision to contact.

Simplified responsive version

Unfortunately, not all mobile devices work smoothly with rich animations. Therefore, they remain minimal on the small screen. Realizing that this format will be used as an additional, quick information finder, we prioritized speed and communication.