Mano bankas

Bank service digital introduction on website

Design solution

When designing a website for a financial institution, you always need to find a balance between the presentation of the information and the graphic identity. Therefore, exclusive graphic elements combined with visual photos were created. Elements come with several layers that have their own internal animations that can be easily changed in a content management system.

Dynamic interactive information

In this type of website, some information is repeated in different places. Therefore, dynamic blocks were created that can be inserted anywhere on the site. Meanwhile, prices, FAQs and calculators are edited in one place. This avoids information mismatch and saves time for the site administrator to manage it.


The first step to involve the user in the ordering process is calculators. Therefore, the core services provide variety of calculators for interest and loans without detailed information. These calculators provide additional information and create user expectations to contact.

Detailed navigation

User-friendly navigation on a large site is always a big challenge, so the content of the website is divided for different target groups. After selecting an area with the help of animation, the entire content is scrolled down and the category tree of the selected part is displayed. In this way, additional space was left for advertising and larger buttons for digital services.

Structured service delivery

Similar service pages for different target groups force users to enter the same structural blocks for convenience. Blocks such as "Important", "Steps" and FAQs allow you to get more into about the service faster.

Bank in your pocket

Realizing that more than half of the bank's customers will view the website on a mobile phone, we took a special attention to mobile view. The site is powered by Netlify, which reduces the loading speed of content. And for displaying information, not only standard responsive solutions are used, but also some of the action buttons are changed to direct call buttons. This brings up an additional dialog box at the bottom of the screen.