Silvijos valdos

Forest land buying and selling website

Exclusive design

The updated trademark of "Silvijos valdos" speaks of an ancient goddess who patronized the forest. Graphic elements related to the beauty of the forest are also reflected in the design of the newly created website. Plant elements in the background and colors create the uniqueness and recognition of the brand.

Website to generate sales

Despite the heavy focus on design, this page is primarily a sales tool. Therefore, the website provides clear contact details to encourage you to get in touch and get a consultation.

More information

The forest is an expensive object, so its sale involves trust. Frequently asked questions, additional articles are useful not only for SEO, but also for the end user thinking about selling or "recruiting" the forest.

Everything is visible on the phone

Larger amounts of text and graphics will always be a challenge to display on a small phone screen. The team managed to create a design and graphic elements that seamlessly present all the necessary information on mobile devices. Also, an exclusive solution, the buttons in the contact form change to a direct call function in the mobile environment.