The brand website of the international company “Narbutas”, which sells office furniture products worldwide, is not intended for the final buyer of the company’s products. It is a digital tool for the company's product salesman, architect, interior designer and partners. The website not only provides information about the company, products and performed projects, but also presents the company's philosophy. digitouch! team has developed the unique solutions to help personalize the information presented.


The site administrator can easily not only place images of completed projects, but also activate a point anywhere in the image that will lead to a description of the visible product. This fully manageable solution allows the traffic and for hard-to-find products.


“Narbutas” product assortment includes from the unique collections created by designers to the furniture for ordinary customers. Our team has created a special module for products that allows the site administrator to maximize personalization of information, activate any block of the existing library, and place it in the desired location on the website.


Since the majority of visitors are returning, a unique navigation has been created. With just one click, user can reach the end point of a website’s product. Also download all the necessary product technical information with one click.


Every detail is important when creating a world-class website. As a result, a unique, often-forgotten “404 Page Not Found” design was created and all website interactions are thoughtful.