The website of the Business Mentors Network of the organization "Versli Lietuva" is the place where experienced entrepreneurs and specialists in various fields free of charge share their knowledge and experience with business representatives, who are seeking progress in their business.

Virtual mentor

The changed world forces a new look at the simple things. Formerly live business meetings are now organized in a more secure format. To this end, we have created a unique platform for professionals and representatives in various fields who can both help and seek business consulting assistance.

Quick search for mentor

A database has been created with the most important information about the person you are searching for. The logged-in user can contact the desired specialist, and the entire communication history is visible in the system’s user environment.

Measures efficiency

The mentor system is not just a database of individuals. Here, data is collected on the actions of each member, according to which efficiency and quality are measured. Summarized data and tips are output for each member individually in their profile. System administrators also have the ability to analyze overall performance.

Graphic solutions

The design of the system is coordinated with the graphic identity of the organization "Versli Lietuva". However, the website itself has its own unique graphic elements and iconography, which is used to communicate the benefits of the system to business representatives and professionals.

Additional features

The mentor portal not only presents mentors who can help start-up entrepreneurs, but also has an information center that publishes relevant news, success stories, and upcoming events.

The solution of the future

This simple but effective solution will become a key tool for quality business development in the future. We are happy to contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship in our country.