Heritas is a new look at cultural heritage. Thanks to the new website, it has become a platform for all those interested in cultural heritage, its management and cognition.

The concept of the first image

Heritas slogan “The memory that fades over time” is interacted in the firstimage of the site. The presented faded image of the old roofs of Vilnius becomes clear when pressed, but later fades again. Such a choice symbolizes Heritas touch on heritage, making the topics discussed more visible.

Heritas online platform - virtual Heritas house. Not only is there a catalog of contacts of cultural heritage specialists and companies that take care ofthe preservation of historic buildings, but you can also find a lot of information about getting to know cultural heritage, historic buildings, andeducation. Owners of historic buildings can find here the advice of culturalheritage specialists on various issues, but also relevant lectures and discussions. Heritas aims to educate people about the importance of heritage, so this platform provides education for the whole family and schools, virtual tours and excursions, and links to lectures of Heritas friends and partners. The Heritas community gathers at the Cultural Heritage Festival once a year, so the platform presents all the publicationsof the Heritas Festival and other digitized content.

The first two pages

The website has the first two pages. One is for the festival, the other is used outside the festival. The first highlights the festival program and events, as well as the invitation to participate. However, outside of the event, another solution is used in which the visitor is directed to those parts of the site where there is a lot of interesting and useful information about the heritage.

Exclusive content

The real discovery for the user is the content of the site. Excerpts from theseminars that took place during the festival can be found on the platform, a separate section dedicated to children's education, and collected links toLithuanian and foreign museums are published in one place, where virtualexpositions can be found. However, the greatest value on the website is created by the unique database of contacts of heritage organizations and specialists in Lithuania.

Contact directory

An easy-to-fill and editable contact directory provides fast information retrieval and filtering. Many categories allow user to find the content, theyare looking for with a single click. The database contact page is divided into two parts, which give equal importance to both images and textual content. The visitor can also send a message directly from the page to thedesired contact, and the system records all user actions, thus measuring efficiency and the benefits of the catalog to visitors.

Mobile resolution

And of course, the platform is adapted for different resolution screens. When browsing the contacts directory on your mobile phone, contacting the desired contact is as easy as on the big screen.